Ionic release android


I have big problem. When i build android and run it from my android my app works perflectly. But when i do
ionic build —release android the apk do not have network connection.
What can i do to get it work.

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i have done http request in debug mode and then it replay what is on the http request. But in the release mode it will not show the http request value. Please replay ASAP.

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Try to remove platform android and add it again, then build. There’s a corruption somewhere in your project. ON then can you see it. Then your http propagates well.

hmm… i also created a new ionic project and tried only http request by angularjs. In debug mode it works great. But when i use “cordova build android --release” then the reuqest not happen.

I tired to do https request with my test project and it faild, but http with out the ‘s’ it works. Why it is so? i have the cert of the https.

Test versions accept HTTPS connections without checking the cert. Release versions do check the certificate. Your issue shows your certificate is much likely not correct.
I had the same issue and this was fixed when I chained my server HTTPS certificate to a proper Certificate Authority. Before that, my HTTPS connections were OK on computer but not on Android (which has less CAs built-in apparently)

Also, I suggest this site to test your certificate. I found it very helpful.


Might it be a thing about jsonp vs. json requests? Are you in control of the server?

Thank you this save my day !!