HTTPS status 0 in the release build

We are working on a Ionic app that receive data from an API.
Before, the API was on http:// address and everything was working fine.
Then we have moved the API to https:// and it’s not working anymore.

We’ve added the whitelist plugin, added:

allow-navigation href=""
access origin=“

we don’t receive a 404 error any longer, but a 0 status.

The app with https is working well in the browser, the app package with https is working well with a debug build in the phone, but not with a RELEASE BUILD in the phone.

With http all works very well in a release build.

In the console log I see that the status of the request is 0. Can you help with this problem?

I have encountered the same once. Are you running an Android app? See my comment here:

In short, android release builds are more strict regarding ssl issues compared to debug builds. Check your certificate.

Thanks a lot! We have a lead now. The certificate is from GoDaddy and indeed response :

SSL Certificate is not trusted. If you bought the certificate from a trusted authority, you probably just need to install one or more Intermediate certificates.

We are using nodejs for the server, and the browsers did not complain about the cert.

So we are digging the issue with the cert on node, thenak again!