Ionic refresher too sensitive

I am using Ionic 2 sliding item with ion-refresher. When I try to slide list item, it pulls down a little maybe just 2-3px and ion-refresher becomes visible. How can I make ion-refresher less sensitive so when I slide list item it doesn’t show up? Like if we can disable ion-refresher when list item is sliding like the behavior in iOS outlook app.


Interested in this also. I can’t use ion-refresher and swipe tabs because when I want to swipe it also pulling down the content.


As others have touched on, is there a current way to minimize the sensitivity of the Refresher? Having horizontal scrolling with the refresher is a nightmare. I’ve tried playing will the maxPull and minPull to see if that would help any, but unfortunately it didn’t seem to help. Any ideas?

@ankushagg93 @nolanmclark - did any of you find a solution for this ?