Ion-refresher to refresh only when on top of the displayed list


I use the ion-refresher on some long lsts of my app.
It happens that the refresh event is triggered also when I’m simply scrolling down to browse my list.

I whish ion-refresher to trigger the refresh event only when I’m on top of the list, or at least only when I “hold down” the scroll for a long time.

Is there a way to accomplish this?
Has the property snapbackDuration something to do with this behavior?

Any hint would be appreciated.


I found the right property:

pullMin by default is 60.

Using a bigger value does the trick (200 in my case).

I have the same issue. This trick is not working for me, any solution?

@capewater , can you plz show me where to put the input properties of ion-refresher? Like the enabled, pullMin or pullMax values. Should I mention this inside the <ion-refresher> tag?


I finally discarded this method, but I think that yes, you should put it in
the ion-refresher tag like this:

<ion-refresher pullMin="300">