Ionic-Recommended Lifecycle Hook for Loading a Google Map?

What is the Ionic-recommended lifecycle hook for loading a Google Map with Capacitor’s Google Maps plugin in an Ionic/Angular project?

Would that be ionViewDidEnter rather than ngAfterViewInit?

Let’s define near-term success as displaying a Google map on an IOS device when an application is opened by a user.

To play with this, I am using an Ionic/Angular blank starter project. I can follow the official video walk-through well enough to get a map to display from a button click (on an IOS device).

But creating maps from ngAfterViewInit seems to be not working in IOS for a few people, including me. Maybe for different reasons or maybe because ngAfterViewInit is not going to work in an Ionic/Angular-Capacitor project?

Borrowing from some other Youtube demos, I am doing better with ionViewDidEnter. Maybe you have to be new to this to not know :slightly_smiling_face:, but is that best practice?

Once I know I am using the correct hook, I will probably have some other questions relating to using the Capacitor Google Maps plugin.