@ionic/react starter templates

Hello everyone!

I have been learning Ionic and Angular for the past 3 years now, since the Angular 2/Ionic v2.

With the release of Ionic 4 and becoming framework-independent, I decided to learn React since it is the larger job market, because I am worried if Ionic is universally available, no one will need my Angular skills :cry:

So far, there has not been much documentation regarding Ionic with React yet, since it is still v0.0.5, so I thought I would dive right in and start contributing to the community.

I have extended facebook’s create-react-app package to create the same blank, sidemenu, and tabs starter templates for React that we are all familiar with in Angular.

Let me know if I have made any errors, can make any improvements, or anything else I should try to demo for @ionic/react


$ npm install -g create-react-ionic-blank
$ create-react-ionic-blank my-blank-app


$ npm install -g create-react-ionic-sidemenu
$ create-react-ionic-sidemenu my-sidemenu-app


$ npm install -g create-react-ionic-tabs
$ create-react-ionic-tabs my-tabs-app