Create your own ionic templates?

Hi guys!

I just finished making a killer template for ionic which is basically the sidemenu template but setup to use TypeScript inside of Visual Studio Code. I would love to open up the template for use of the public, but when I try I get a 404 that it’s missing archive/

This makes complete sense as I don’t have one! I was just wondering, is there doco out there on how to roll your own templates? My guess is that if I’ve done one thing wrong then theres a good chance I’ve missed other things too.

Thanks a heap!

I did some digging and found the repo’s for the built in tempaltes. I found that they were just the www directories with the lib folder excluded. Therefore I simply cd into my www and created a git repo. Then I added a ,gitignore for the lib and for my js as it’s generated js and BAM! It all works :slight_smile:

If anyone is interested in Getting Typescript going with Ionic, feel free to have a look. I will be making a blog about it over at soon!