@ionic/react has issues with Preact + preact/compat, @ionic/preact?

the simple components like buttons seems to work fine with preact x in dev mode,
the Modal component I can open and close once, then open and not be able to close, the close button’s onClick callback stops getting invoked.
and I get missing React TS definitions (React.{ReactNode,ForwardRefExoticComponent,PropsWithoutRef,RefObject}) errors in the @Ionic/react’s component classes’ * typescript definitions, which cause prod builds to fail.
preact x + preact/compat don’t have these types, so do you have any advice/tips and resources on how can I start porting @ionic/react to something which could then become @Ionic/preact, or make @ionic/react compatible with Preact X’s preact/compat?

“eventually, you should be able to use Ionic with lighter weight frameworks such as VueJS or Preact” — Ken Sodemann (Ionic team member), Sep 11, 2017

I think, the time has come, after the release of Ionic 5 with the almost complete @Ionic/react, so let’s get on it?

This would be interesting to me too.

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