Ionic PWA-Toolkit

I’ve created a PWA using the PWA-Toolkit.

  1. I want to bind an object to a form, or at least to a field. How is this done? The existing way using ionic 3 and prior, doesn’t seem to work. I went though all the sample projects and none have this.

ie it doesn’t recognize [(ngModel)]

this.handleSubmit(e)}> Offence Date ....
  1. Are NavParams still used to pass parameters? I want to pass parameters to tabs.

PWA_Toolkit doesn’t use Angular so no ngModel.

Have a look at

What about passing parameters? How is this done? I don’t see an example for it in the stencil-conference-app.

This is all still a bit alpha. I’ve got an open issue for support of types in a provider-like structure, and the devs were active on that issue recently. At the moment, trust whatever exists in the Stencil website documentation. Which is subject to change.

Right now, you can build PWA’s using Ionic 3.