Ionic PWA - 3 level Nav hierarchy

I’m looking to create an Ionic PWA with 3 levels to the IA, essentially.

So using the Sidemenu (#1 in the attachment), I’d like to include a secondary view (#2), where a User could select an item and see the item details (#3). Most importantly as this is sized down to a phone, you will navigate through those 3 levels independently.

Has anyone done this or know of any tutorials on this? Any help is appreciated.

See: Reusable Grid Component To Host Pages

This is helpful. Thanks robinyo!

I’m using Ionic4, wondering how those instructions translate?

Still unclear on how I would implement 3-level nav, with this structure, but that could just be me lacking the programming knowledge.

If you have an idea on how this translates to Ionic4, that would be helpful. I could try and hack something together from that.

Any help is appreciated!