Ionic Push & TestFlight

Do Push Notifications work when the app is in Apple’s new TestFlight Beta?

I’m using the one-time push form to test, and have it working in the development environment (straight to my iPhone from Xcode), but notifications are not showing for the app when I install it via TestFlight. No errors from the Ionic push service, the notifications simply aren’t showing.

Has anyone else had this problem? Do I simply have to wait for the app to be live in the App Store before testing in production.

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Has anyone had Ionic Push working in the new TestFlight?

I am having the same problem. Notifications work locally but not on test flight. Do they work for you in production?

I have a similar issue with native FB login. It works fine from my phone/xcode, but not test flight. Do you happen to know if native FB login works with test flight?

I’ve been able to use cordova-plugin-facebook4 for Facebook Connect within TestFlight. Double-check your whitelisting is ok.