Ionic Push Notification - Android and iOS working

Hi All,

I updated the code and links to Ionic 2.0.0-rc.0 :tada: Tested on both iOS and Android, showing alert popup if app is in foreground otherwise normal notification behavior.


I keep getting this error: TypeError: push.on is not a function

How can I obtain device token than?

You will get TypeError: push.on is not a function in browser. Run in physical device to see device token in console. In case of android, do chrome://inspect to see console logs and in case of iOS, see console logs in Xcode.

Yes thank you its working.

Now is it possible to filter notifications that I want to receive? How could I catch them if is possible at all ?

My PC crashed and now I have issues with my Push Notifications.

If anyone can assist on this, I’d appreciate it:

Really great i am looking for this only … i will try this and let u know the result … thanks

thx a freaking lot @ankushagg93 for the tutorials, really helpful, specially the iOS certificate part!

Never delete them, these are gold :slight_smile:

Your github code is working fine with firebase cloud messaging. Thank you for the code.

Hi All,

I updated github code and medium tutorials to latest ionic 2.0 stable. Also updated FCM screenshots to reflect current configurations :thumbsup:



This sends push to all users, as per Canadian Spam laws we have to make sure we have permission how do I implement .hasPermission() I cant get the timing to work.

Hi All,

I am using Ionic 3 with Ionic Native Push Notifications on the client and Java com.notnoop.apns on the server.

I can get the Push Notifications to work successfully on an Android devise. However, on an iOS devise, the client does not display the notification.

client (ts)

        let topics: string[] = [this.personModelLoggedIn.uid];
        const options: PushOptions = {
          android: {
            senderID: "893141127008",
            sound: "true",
            vibrate: "true",
            topics: topics
          ios: {
            senderID: "893141127008",
            alert: "true",
            badge: true,
            sound: "true"//,
            //topics: topics
          windows: {}
        const pushObject: PushObject = this.push.init(options);

        pushObject.on('notification').subscribe((data: any) => {
          alert('Received Notification!!! message = ' + data.message);

server (java)


private String sendAndroidPushNotification(String device_token, String topics, String title, String message)
		throws Exception {
	String pushMessage = null;
	if (device_token != null && !device_token.equals("null")) {
		pushMessage = "{\"data\":{\"title\":\"" + title + "\",\"message\":\"" + message + "\"},\"to\":\""
				+ device_token + "\"}";
	} else {
		pushMessage = "{\"data\":{\"title\":\"" + title + "\",\"message\":\"" + message + "\"},\"to\": \"/topics/"
				+ topics + "\"}";
	// Create connection to send FCM Message request.
	URL url = new URL("");
	HttpURLConnection conn = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection();
	conn.setRequestProperty("Authorization", "key=" + SERVER_KEY);
	conn.setRequestProperty("Content-Type", "application/json");
	// Send FCM message content.
	OutputStream outputStream = conn.getOutputStream();

	return "Android Push Notification: " + conn.getResponseCode() + " " + conn.getResponseMessage() + " - " + pushMessage;


private String sendIOSPushNotification(String device_token, String topics, String title, String message)
		throws Exception {
	ApnsService service = APNS.newService().withCert(PATH_TO_P12_CERT, CERT_PASSWORD).withSandboxDestination()

	String payload = APNS.newPayload()
			// .customFields(map)
			.alertBody(title + " " + message).sound("default").build();

	//service.push(Utilities.encodeHex(topics.getBytes()), payload);
	service.push(Utilities.encodeHex(device_token.getBytes()), payload);
	return "iOS Push Notification: " + title + " " + message;

When the above two java methods get called with the appropriate devise tokens, the Android devise receives a notification, but the iOS devise does not.

If anyone can advise what’s wrong with my iOS code (either client or server), I would appreciate your advise.

Hi ankushagg93, please can you take a look at this?

Hey guys,

   I was trying to use push notification with steps you have mentioned.

   Once I open my app I am able to see Device registered alert. But when I try to send notification from Firebase I am unable to see any success or error message.

   Also I am getting device registered alert every time I open my app.

   Kindly help me out.

I’m having the same problem. How to get the device token? I’m running the app on my phone using “Ionic DevApp”.

What do you need to do to make notifications when the application is closed?

Is there any way to get the notification when the iOS app is on foreground?

The method on notification is not fired when the app is in foreground on iOS

Hi @ankushagg93

Let assume I have 5 devices. I want to send push notification to exact one device. How do I send to that exact device.

@newBeat Each device has its own registration_id (token). Just send the notification to the device with that token only. You need to pass the token to your back-end/database in order to retrieve it to send the notification.

I am receiving two different tokens while running the app on ios device one for android and one for ios.
but not able to get the ios token in the log. can anyone have a solution? Thanks in advance!