Ionic Push Identify user failed - no device token

So i was just starting to use Ionic Push but i am not 100% sure that i have that option as its still in beta as i understand. The thing is that i have everything i need in, but i just can’t get the device token. I have everything setup correctly but when i look into console where i should see my device token i instead have a failed request to: server respond with 404.

So i am not sure if i am doing something wrong or i don’t have setup for push notifications.

Yes it’s still a beta and very confusing, i’m trying to make sense of it as well…

In case you have tried using only the push functionality, then try to start a new app using ionic start myApp io. This did the trick for me, it’s very hard to debug it but that starter has some good ideas out of the box begin with.

I started new project with ionic start push i didn’t find that io template anywhere, but then again push template was also not listed.
Thanks for tips, i’ll try that.
I was trying to make it work and then i occurred to me that i might not be in beta testing so i asked Brody and he then activated me for testing push, but i still got the same error.

Well i tried io template but still the same 404 not found error

I also have this 404 error when I try to identify my Android device using the $ionicUser.identify.

Actually, I succeeded in using the Ionic push notification Development mode when I tested my app in the browser (ionic serve).
I have done all the Android setup steps but cannot identify my Android device.
Do you think it might have an issue with the google API / GCM_ID ?

Have you tried ?

The plugin fixed my network request issue. Many thanks for your help foxitcl

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