Ionic Project Build Using Telerik AppBuilder


I have been on a bit of a hybrid mobile app journey for a while now, starting back last year building one using Kendo UI and their mobile framework, and then switching to just using AngularJS and realizing I needed a mobile framework to do some heavy lifting. Ionic looks great and from the sample apps I’ve tried out, it’s fantastic.

I was wondering if anyone has managed to take an existing ionic project, and use Telerik’s AppBuilder so they could develop iOS apps on a windows machine? I’ve been banging my head on my desk for a day or two now, and something just isn’t working quite right.

I’ve found people that say to just use what’s in the www folder of the ionic project, but immediately this approach seems to break the cordova plugins. For example when I keep a pure ionic project, and use xcode to deploy it to an iOS device the header is overlapped by the status bar like I would expect. When I take the www folder and build the iOS app using AppBuilder suddenly the status bar does not overlap, and the header is placed beneath it as well as top-margin being added a second later.

Thank so much for any help, I’ve also reached out to telerik to see what they say.


Yes, I use Telerik Appbuilder, create a new Telerik project blank(JavaScript) project.
Delete the following folders : css, img, js and also delete index.html file.

drag and drop the content of www.
Drag and drop all the plugins folders to the plugin folder in telerik project
Download ionic lib folder and drop it under the project.

Build the project and run in similator or using Telerik Appbuider app to run on the device.
Let me know if that works.


Thank you so much for the quick reply! I tried your suggestions and didn’t have much success.
I’m using the Appbuilder CLI, so I created a hybrid app with the blank template and deleted the files like you suggested.

After copying the www files to the root of the Appbuilder project folder I didn’t see that a plugin folder ever existed, so I tried just copying the ionic plugins folder into the project. I also copied the lib folder that already existed in my ionic project into the Appbuilder project.

Appbuilder will build and deploy to my device, but I still have the same issues as before with the statusbar. If it helps, I can post screenshots of my files as well as the commands I’m using if you had time to try and replicate my issue?


sorry for the late response. I was out of town with limited internet access.

I haven’t had success using Appbuilder CLI, the steps mentioned above can be achieved using the web platform(in-browser client) or the visual studio/windows client.


No worries, thanks for the insight. I’ve been realizing some limitations of the CLI as well and was considering moving to the visual studio client.

I’m moving in a different direction at the moment, but when I have time to come back and revisit I’ll let you know how it goes.