Ionic Pro: View Image Issues (wonky paths?)

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I’ve been pulling my hair out last night porting some code to work on the new Ionic Pro dashboard. The porting itself was fine, however I believe the docs and the supported plugins and ionic native elements are wrong. A good example is the camera plugin which is supposedly functional in the new Ionic View, except it’s not. It triggers the camera, takes the picture but never displays it.

Felt very suspicious about it, so added the app to the legacy dashboard as well and ran it in Legacy Ionic View. Guess what? Works fine. Can someone at Ionic QA these plugins and native elements or fix the View app to support what it’s meant to?

I think it isn’t so much the plugins themselves, but something else related to the path, as the imagepicker behaves the same way. Broken in ionic view pro, working in legacy when trying to display the image. It’s the displaying of it that seems wonky.

This sounds more like something for Ionic themselves.

The new Ionic View uses WKWebView:

If you build your are yourself with WKWebView you will probably also have the exact same path issues, that’s why there are multiple paragraphs about it in the docs:

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Humm… Interesting. Might be good to put a callout or something on the pages of the plugins that need this. Either way, awesome to know it’s not me going mad. :slight_smile: Thanks a mill, will read through this later tonight.

Plugins are not maintained by Ionic, so this is not possible.

But feel free to open on issue at so that a note of WKWebView can maybe added to

Surely pages such as this are: :slight_smile: But yeah, cool, will add an issue there, to suggest this dependency in relevant plugin pages.

Those are also community maintained. On the top right you have a “Improve this doc” link that you can use to submit a Pull Request. Might want to create an issue at to collect all the PRs related to that problem though.