Ionic Pro packaging "rejecting" all builds


I am currently using the Ionic Pro “online building”/packaging feature to compile my project, but from some commits ago I am experiencing a “build failed” on each commit.

I am using external repository linking with bitbucket, in which the build output is only this:

And I tried to deactivate it and upload the code directly to Ionic repo and I experience this (no logs at all):

What could I do?


Did you try with any commit that use to work? It’s to discard a code problem

I’m trying to build and IPA from an old github commit and seems to be ok… I tell you to discard a general build problem.

Hi engasoft,

Thanks for the response. I tried an old commit and it works, so the problem should be in the code. It is quite strange because building it by myself it works perfectly without any errors.

Do you know if there is any way to see the specific error that is preventing the latest code to build online? or maybe to figure it out? There is not a big difference with one commit to another, just one angular component.

Thanks again!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: No sorry… I only know the obvious log that is shown while the package is building… Try answering here, if you want, the component that differs between both commits.

I changed the name of the component, as it was mixing capital letters and lower case letters and cleaned the 3 unused imports, now it compiles OK. But I don’t see any of these a reason for not compiling it online, as it compiles perfectly in a local machine.

Anyways, thank you very much engasoft.

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