Ionic Pro: Ways to pull builds?

Hey is there away to git pull a build from Ionic Pro?

I have no idea what broke my latest builds so I’m trying to atleast pull a working one.

To be clear my app builds find locally, just it breaks building in the cloud.

Why? Is this being deployed out to clients right now using ionic deploy?

Do you only have the Ionic repository in your project, no local or own one? Normally you just push your working version to ionic:master to get it to build again.

I do have the local folder but I’m getting a build error that only happens when I use IonicPro cloud build… I mentioned it in another form topic here

I am sending it to clients for testing. But the build fails, but only in the cloud

I understood that. But your git repository of your project should also contain a different remote, not just the “ionic” one. Just check out a working version and push that version to ionic:master.

Or ask support:

Did you get sorted in the end??

My problem yes.

The way to pull builds… the only thing you can do is clone the repository which has the latest commit on there.

I did by reverting firebase from 4.0.0 to 3.9.0