Ionic Pro: No OpenSSH. Other alternative when uploading via Ionic CLI?

I have TortoiseGit installed and running on Windows so by default(as recommended) it uses the Putty instead of OpenSSH. Ionic CLI uses OpenSSH in generating/managing the SSH keys.

I don’t want to reinstall TortoiseGit and change it to OpenSSH. I would like to be able to upload the app to Ionic Pro.

What are my options? I tried to generate keys using putty and add the public key in my Ionic account but getting error that it is invalid format.

Same problem I’m having. How did you sort this out?

Hope this help.

  1. you need sshopen. You can try with Microsoft win32_sshopen or from a linux instalation.
  2. run this command. Add your email.
ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C ""

this command ask for a file name (mandatory) and a passphrase (optional)

two files will be generated in the \home\usernme.ssh folder with the name you provide before. One of then with the .PUB extension (public key)

  1. download those two files to your notebook or pc.

  2. Open puttygen

  3. Click in Conversion menu option an select Import Key

it will open a a “Load private key” explorer windows. Go to the folder where you saved the files an select the file with no extension (that’s the private key). After you select the file, puttygen converts the sshopen file to a putty compatible format.

  1. save the new private key by making click in save private key.

(you can see more about these last 3 steps in IONOS by 1&1 Developer Center: DevOps Cloud Central Community)

  1. in you pageant select add key and upload the ppk file you just generate

Putty configuration is complete. Now you need to configure Ionic Pro

  1. from the command line call:
ionic ssh setup

it will present 4 differents options, choose “Use an existing SSH key pair”

Then it will ask for the location to your public key file (the .PUB file).

Then confirm the changes to the ssh config file.

  1. edit the config file and doublequote the path for IdentityFile. This is very important if your path has space in the folders name (windows)
IdentityFile "D:\CodePace\Ionic\Keys\app3586789e"
  1. Now you are ready to run the Ionic Pro commnds
ionic link
git push ionic master

You can find some information about the last steps here