Ionic Pro Monitoring 404 for call to monitoring/APP_ID/exceptions

I am trying to use Pro Monitoring on my local dev server using ionic serve.

In the console I can see, that Pro was initialized without an error:

Ionic Pro initializing (app id: APP_ID)

However, when I try to call:

Pro.monitoring.log(message, { level: 'error' });

I receive the following error:

OPTIONS 404 ()

Failed to load Response for preflight has invalid HTTP status code 404.

Unable to send exception to server: Object

I did link the app to the Pro backend.

Anything else that I might have missed?

I am also wondering, how the monitoring endpoint authenticates my request because otherwise anyone with the APP_ID could be sending messages to the endpoint?

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I have exactly the same problem and cant find anything on the documentation.
Is it even possible to use/test monitoring with ionic serve? Or is this just a CORS issue?

From a ticket on Pro support:

Did you follow the process for syncing your source maps to Ionic Pro? You should ensure that you’ve also checked out our troubleshooting document for Monitoring as well.

So, the solution was to make sure that the AppID is lower case! This is not intuitive because, currently, the Ionic Pro Dashboard shows the AppID with upper case letters.

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