Ionic Pro Monitoring 404 for call to monitoring/APP_ID/exceptions


I am trying to use Pro Monitoring on my local dev server using ionic serve.

In the console I can see, that Pro was initialized without an error:

Ionic Pro initializing (app id: APP_ID)

However, when I try to call:

Pro.monitoring.log(message, { level: 'error' });

I receive the following error:

OPTIONS 404 ()

Failed to load Response for preflight has invalid HTTP status code 404.

Unable to send exception to server: Object

I did link the app to the Pro backend.

Anything else that I might have missed?

I am also wondering, how the monitoring endpoint authenticates my request because otherwise anyone with the APP_ID could be sending messages to the endpoint?


I have exactly the same problem and cant find anything on the documentation.
Is it even possible to use/test monitoring with ionic serve? Or is this just a CORS issue?


From a ticket on Pro support:

Did you follow the process for syncing your source maps to Ionic Pro? You should ensure that you’ve also checked out our troubleshooting document for Monitoring as well.