Ionic pro installation fails

[a] My first attempt at running

ionic start --pro-id [myid]

ran for three hours until I killed it.

This has been my experience with ionic from the start - only occasionally will the install process not fail. This may be due to me being located in Scotland, but is very off-putting. I suggest this install process be improved, and be properly tested by novice users.

[b] The info presented at the end of the install about git is not useable - too long and involved to retype. Also, warnings in dark red and in in dark blue are unreadable on a black background.

[c] Having installed git (Windows), accepting the default options including SSH,

ionic ssh generate …


ssh-keygen is not recognised …

[d] I note that the ionic docs are unusable in chrome - the left hand menu does not scroll correctly, and I have to turn to the dreaded IE.

Giving up.



I’m very new to Pro and certainly echo your suggestions on improving its process. This might be the time for myself to cut the ties (not with Ionic, just this whole build process) - not too sure and I certainly don’t want to as I find it a lot easier giving stuff to them to build instead of having a bunch of environments set up locally. I suspect it’ll improve as did the regular service.

Just a thought for your goodself however, have you tried moving to England/Wales? :wink:

Nah, for the ssh-keygen thing, I think that’s built in and available in git bash. I’m going on the big assumption you’re using Windows, if so and you have the git tools installed, try running the same command in “git bash” and see how that works out. I have been able to set up the whole ssh stuff fine with that prompt, which obviously supports more in the way of regular Linux commands.

Anyways - good luck in either case.

You have to install git and don’ forget to select ssh.

I did move once, but the installation process failed and I retreated home the next day.

I got “git bash” to tell me where it was “pwd /W” then moved my ionic test there, checked it worked with “ionic serve”, then ran the proposed incantation: “git push ionic master” with the result:

src refspec master does not match any

giving up again.

What did it output over that time?

For your other Ionic Pro feedback:
I hope someone from the team actually sees it, as this is only a community forum where the Ionic team doesn’t spend too much time. The chance would be higher if you used the contact method in the Ionic Pro dashboard or a support request: