Ionic Pro Error Monitoring


Ionic pro became Appflow 2 days ago but correct me if I’m wrong, Ionic team also remove Errror Monitorring. Will error monitoring come back later ?
Anyone knows what is wrong and will they fix this


It’s very sad that there is no official statement on that.


I don’t see it either?! That was half the reason I purchased a subscription to Ionic Pro a day before the AppFlow announcement. WTF?!


Good news - I emailed Ionic (Pro) AppFlow Support and I am now seeing Error Monitoring appear in my Dashboard menu again! Thanks Ionic!!!


For me it’s still not on the menu. Do they have to activate it for a user specifically?


Maybe it only comes with the $29/month add-on to the Starter (free) plan? That is what I have.


I have the sam plan and is not working for me.
What the email that you have sent the email?