Email notifications for Monitoring


quick question. can I somehow disable the constant email notifications for ionic pro error monitoring. Would be even better if you could disable it for specific apps or channels.

Thank you very much!


Did you ever figure it out? I had about 40 emails sent today, but I was unable to log in for a few hours to even see how to stop it. Once i got in, I couldn’t find a notification option anywhere.

Bump. Took me a while to get monitoring working and now I’m already starting to regret it. Maybe the goal is to incentivize error-free code. In which case I’m screwed.

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That’s the spirit! :slight_smile:

Has anyone reported this to Ionic via their support? It seems that’s the only way to reach them…

I’m nominating that for the quote of the month

You can now turn off notifications in the settings tab for each app!