Ionic Pro Deploy - Show user "What's new in this version" after auto update


I’m using the Deploy API with Ionic 3, and found these docs super helpful, so thanks for that!

I’ve setup the deploy API to check for and auto download the latest version of my app, and I’m using 2 channels: ‘development’ and ‘production’. It’s working nicely! The question is…

I’d like to show the user a message, after each new version has been installed, telling them "what’s new in this version’. This seems like good UX, as we’re skipping app store updates. So example flow… The user is on the production channel, opens the app, gets the auto update in the splash screen (might change this to use the background method later!), enters the app on the default page, sees something (modal? alert? etc.) telling them about the sweet new features they’ve now got available.

Keen to hear ideas for the cleanest/most efficient way to implement this?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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What did you end up doing?