Ionic Pro: Cli command ionic package not working in pro?


Cli command to generate native binaries not present in pro ?

Command like ionic package build, ionic package list not working.

There is another cli command to do same thing ?

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No idea, but I know there are buttons to click in the dashboard that build the app like the old Ionic Package did.

What does ionic package output for you?

[ERROR] Sorry! The configured backend (pro) does not know about ionic package list.

        You can switch backends with ionic config set -g backend.

This doesn’t work because they are changing Ionic Cloud features. As @Sujan12 said, you need to do this on new dashboard.

I’m doing this manually, check this topic:

Actually no reason why this couldn’t also be triggered in the CLI (for people that prefer a command line workflow…). Maybe send the suggestion to the team via the chat inside Ionic Pro.

Where is thé chat pro ?

When you are logged in the dashboard, there is a “contact us” or “talk to us” feature on the bottom right most of the time. Alternatively you can also try the normal support form: