Ionic Pro Build now failing a bash step

Our builds worked 2 months ago, and as of 12 days ago they were broken. None of our configuration changed. The difference I see is that our post-install bash script “” ran before and now won’t.

Running with gitlab-ci-multi-runner 9.1.0 (0118d89)
... some build steps later ...
> Solo@0.0.1 install /usr/src/app
> bash
Running with gitlab-runner 11.3.1 (0aa5179e)
... some build steps later ...
[07:38:36]: ▸ npm WARN lifecycle Solo@0.0.1~install: cannot run in wd Solo@0.0.1 bash (wd=/builds/soloteam/solo)

Does anyone know what might have happened here, or have any ideas how can we get the builds working again? Or what wd refers to? Thanks!

How are you defining and triggering that post-install script?
What are you doing in that script?
wd could be - does this ring a bell?