Ionic preventDefault() throwing constant errors


I am not certain when this began happening in my app, but it seems non-stop now.

I am using ionic tabs. It seems almost every touch of an ng-click/ng-href is throwing the following error:

Ignored attempt to cancel a touchstart event with cancelable=false, for example because scrolling is in progress and cannot be interrupted.

    <label id="map_LabelPickup" class="item-input-wrapper">
      <span id="map_pickupSpan"><img ng-src='img/green-pin.png'></span> <input type="text" id="map_pickupInput"></input>
    <button id="map_setStartButton" type='button' ng-click="startPoint()" class="button button-small">

The above “startPoint()” function calls to google maps and sets a user location on the displayed maps.

However, the error is also firing on other user clicks too that is NOT interacting with google maps or any external API. So I know this error has something to do specifically with Angluar or Ionic.

The below code is an ng-href that leads to a settings page the user can set their own options, this click triggers the above error:

<ion-item cache-view="false" style="padding-left:35px;height:25px;text-align:right;border-left:0px;" class="item-avatar item-Cmenu item-icon-right item item-complex" ng-repeat="menu in menus" type="item-text-wrap" href="#/tab/menus/6"><a class="item-content" ng-href="#/tab/menus/6" href="#/tab/menus/6">
          <div style="padding-top:5px;padding-right:30px;border-right:1px solid LightGrey;">
              <span style="font-size:14px;font-weight:bolder;" class="ng-binding">Settings</span>
              <i class="icon ion-chevron-right icon-accessory item-icon-right" style="height:45px;padding-right:15px;"></i>


I’m getting this too and it’s driving me nuts. Literally all swipe functionality is broken… which is pretty critical for a mobile app…


im getting this when trying to drag around a leaflet map

ive added data-tap-disabled="false" and set everything i can to dragabble="false" and scroll="false" incase its something else that is triggering on the same event, but this hasnt helped.

fair enough that there is work being done on ionic 2, but this is a rather major issue for older projects


+1 Same on Android 7/Pixel C when trying to integrate a Leaflet map


i have the same issues and i get constant errors