Ionic-bundle.js - onDragX > e.gesture.srcEvent.preventDefault(); constantly throwing warnings/errors


Hi Ionic team.

We need your eyes on this. We are getting constant warning errors:Ignored attempt to cancel a touchstart event with cancelable=false,

Which appear to be fixed if we remove or comment out: ionic-bundle.js - onDragX > e.gesture.srcEvent.preventDefault();

However, we don’t know side affects or consequences of doing this. Can you help us understand why this is error is occurring in the first place and how to properly fix it - or help us understand if we remove it what possible side affects there will be.

These errors are CONSTANT, and as best I can tell very much related to google maps. There is another thread on this too. Error : Ignored attempt to cancel a touchstart event with cancelable=false

Error : Ignored attempt to cancel a touchstart event with cancelable=false

Is this resolved yet?


to my knowledge it is not yet…nor probably ever will be as Ionic is now onto version 3x and there hasn’t been an update to Ionic v1 in probably about a year. Looks like we are all going to have comment/delete out the line in the ionic bundle that is causing this warning - apparently doing so does not cause any adverse affects. At the same time, the constant warnings don’t ever seem to a cause a problem either…but they are rather annoying.

That being said, I have seen my app occasionally throw too many of those warnings and eventually my app locks up - but I can’t verify if the two are related. Logical assumption is that they are related, but I can’t validate that.


Seems like i have the same problem with you

here my thread Ionic can not update Firebase in APK