Android 4.1.2 - Grid problems (in popup buttons row)

i’m facing another problem with Ionic CSS with Android 4.1.2 (also 4.0.3).
2 buttons in a popup are not displayed in a single row equally spaced, but on 2 rows and unaligned.
The same code works good on most recent version of android.

Here the code:

<div class="popup-buttons row">
          <button id="" class="button col button-positive" onclick="">Esci</button>
          <button id="" class="button col " onclick="">Annulla</button>

here the result:

Hmm, can you try to set the width explicitly wit col-50?

Well, with “col col-50” the result is this:

with only “col-50” the result is this (that’s not bad):

Just noticed that with “col col50” or only “col” a problem raise in all other devices (eg android 4.2) and the result is this: