Ionic-plugin-deeplinks Problem with iOS

We have developed an Ionic 1.3 app and require it to be activated on the installed device (Android or iOS) via URLs. I installed the ionic-plugin-deeplinks and followed the instructions as in the website.

It works perfectly on Android devices but does not seem to work at all on my iPhone. When I click the URL in my email, it just opens directly in Safari, never offering me the choice of opening it in the associated app.

Any help much appreciated.

I’m having the same problem when running from Ionic-cli but if I run it directly from XCode works…did you find any solution to this?


I did eventually get this working. I’m not sure though that I understand your issue. Firstly, it will only ever work on an actual device, and not in the simulator. Secondly, if you have the app running from Xcode, why are you trying to run from the cli?

From my experience with Apple, it is preferrable to do most of the work in Xcode and not the cli.

Hello @wallyk thank you for taking the time to answer, my issue is that I’m using Ionic Deeplink in an app I’m developing for a client, and this client has a build pipe on Jenkins that goes from building the code, to generate the IPA and upload it to HockeyApp to be delivered to their testers via email, so I need that the app to have all features when it gets build automatically so manual process can not be involved here. That’s why I need it to work from the CLI, but when I build it in that way deeplink is not working, it opens Safari instead of the app.

I understand. Unfortunately what you are attempting is beyond my experience. Good luck. Hope you find a solution for it. :slight_smile:

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