Ionic: Playing restricted youtube embed videos


Hey, i can’t play specific videos from SME, UMG or VEVO,
This is error message that showing when i’m trying to play those videos:

This video contains content from SME. it is restricted from plyback on certain sites

I getting this error message just when i’m running the app from the smartphone,
I mean when im playing in the web version its not happening,
So is it legal to ‘iframe’ a page that running the embed video on the background?

What alternatives i have? I’m developing kinda playlist app and i have to play those videos.
Thank you.


Well… YouTube has a crazy policy where lots of (music) videos can only be watched on a desktop. Look up 5 of your favorite songs up in the native YouTube app and you’ll see.
You maybe could try to fake YouTube into believing your app is like a chrome desktop browser but I’m not sure how and if google will fall for that.