Youtube videos won't play in ios

we are trying to embed youtube videos in our capacitor app yet the majority of the vidoes won’t show. The youtube iframe just says “video unavailable” in IOS yet they will show in browser

here are some examples

We can’t be the only people having this issue?

Any one have ideas?

It doesn’t look like the examples came through. Are they your videos? If not, the creator may have disabled the embedding of them (a YouTube setting on each video).

I am using to embed YouTube videos without any issues.

Good morning,

yes, there are no examples visible, so I have to guess, what the problem might be …

In my case I had problems with playing media files in browser (I served the code to browser while working on the code, not directly to a device as an app or smthg.). While serving to the browser I forgot about the not used SSL layer, what causes some restrictions on browsers …

Could it be, you’re missing something, because of not using SSL layers on your serving server (in case you test your app on a browser before final build to device as an app)?

For example, Chrome wont show you your web cam stream, if you serve it by calling it with the http protocol like http://localhost:8000

Maybee there are some/same restrictions for your videos/iframes etc… Do you test on browser or directly on a device as an app?

Just a hint …