Ionic Package Service / Ionic Pro - How to push to the app store using windows?

HI All,

I’m getting ready to publish my first Ionic app, which is great!

I am paying for the Ionic PRO services (mainly for the Ionic Package feature). Using this service I was able to get an IPA file that I can submit it to the app store, but no matter what I read, it seems you still need a mac to do the actual push to the store.

If I get an “app store” IPA from the Ionic package service, how do I upload it to the store? It seems you need xCode and the xCode project in order to open it on a mac, which basically renders the Ionic Package service useless?

Thanks for your help,

Something like this exists: (Use a special account for that of course and delete it afterwards.) But of course using a Mac yourself would be much better.

Generally, you should ask Ionic support what they suggest:

@Sujan12 thanks for your quick reply.

I was hoping to do the upload directly from Ionic (which is why I started paying for Ionic PRO)

I’ll give it a shot, but first tried this forum because I never get any replies when sending messages to the Zendesk support system :frowning:

Maybe this functionality will be added to Ionic Pro in the future, no idea. No indication it will, but obviously would make sense. Ask them for it via the support form :slight_smile: