Ionic package build --release --profile myprof doesn't work!

Please, help!
I created keystore for android platform, created security profile and put all needed files. Building application for android with ionic build package android --release --profile myprofile works well,

BUT! when i download apk file from project’s packages list and put file to device, it looks unlike normal application. All other workable apps has “android icon”, but not mine (p.s. it has same extention “.apk”). When i wanna open my app, small toast at the bottom appears “Cannot open application”. Why? I thought it has to work, but not. What i have to do to run my application? No compiling errors in CLI.

Did you ever find an answer to this? Mine is doing the same thing. If I sign and build manually, the app works fine, but when using ionic package build android --release --profile [MY SECURITY PROFILE] it builds the app. I can download and install, but the file size is much smaller and all it does is load the splash screen and then loads the ionic toast icon.