Ionic open external url without address bar and toolbar and close button

My app needs a login page from external url.

The login logic that I thought is :


  1. Open external url when ionic is launched
  2. Once user logged in, move back to internal app using deep link (ex : myapp://main)

I tested step 2 which is deep link. Works well.

So, I have to make step 1 now.

First, I tested with iframe.
And got Refused to display 'https:....' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'deny'. error. Seems this needs a server-side configuration. But anyway we don’t want to use this way. iframe feels like a hack.

Second, I tried location.href = this.loginUrl;.
Worked well in chrome browser but when I built in iOS simulator, I see address bar, tool bar, and close button.
I don’t like this because I don’t want user to close login page or to change url address.

Third, tried, '_self', 'location=no').
Same result as second.

Fourth, tried to use ionic version of in-app-browserplugin.
But the result is same as second and third.
It still opens a browser with address bar, tool bar even it shows ‘back to myApp’. So user would feel this is out of app.
Check here, people are looking for the solution still.

After spending a day, I don’t even know if there is option I can try.