Ionic OCR example

Hi guys,

I was asked to implement an OCR in an Ionic app. So, I created this little demo: using ocrad.js


Wow, really nice work. Cool feature.

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Good Day… what is OCR ? :smile:
sorry for being noob…

would be cool if you would using bower or something else for the external libs :).
But nice idea we are using paid providers for those things.
Maybe the ocr lib is an alternative.

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Yeah, you’re right. This was a really simple thing just to show the client. But, definitely it would be great to use bower.

What are the supported languages?

I’m using ocrad.js, so it’s JS

EDIT: too much code for me, lol. I thought programming languages.

@tomkuipers: gave you a nice answer :smile:

Individual characters are recognized from an image, there is no notion of language. Optical character recognition works for any text in any language containing Latin characters. Don’t know about other character sets.

wow… thanks for the information sir :smile:)

thank you, ocrad.js don’t use word library to improve result?

No, because that would make it language dependent, and it’s not part of character recognition. From an image OCR will for example extract “H”,“E”,“L”,“L”,“O” not "HELLO"
In your application you could pass the recognized text to another api or library or dictionary to do spelling suggestions.

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Hello !
Really nice work !
Of course there are a few character issues, but the ocrad.js is the problem.
The ionic port works just fine, I only tsted with ionic View, but I’ll integrate that soon !

Thank you

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Is working for Android app? Please advice … I am trying but not working…

ionic ios sample working for me by using
but android app with cordova and ocrad.js not working…please advice…

it is not working in android… please advice

what’s not working? I don’t have an Android device but I tested on an emulator and seems to be working fine

I have copied the ionic framework code from (only js and html)
every thing working fine upto before OCRAD call.

OCRAD(document.getElementById(“pic”), function(text){

You copy the index too? Because if that’s not working seems that you have missing the OCRAD library:

No…i included the lib/ocrad.js js file…