Ionic obfuscation

I have used ionic-voricles-obfuscate plugin to prevent reverse engineering of my app. It’s working fine as expected but it encrypted all js files. I want to exclude some files like vendor.js and polyfills.js. My configuration looks like below and while building app those files are not excluded

any one help me to resolve this issue? Thanks

It looks like the obfuscation has worked!

Yes it is working fine. But I want to exclude some files while building APK. I gave list of files to exclude in exclude section of config file that ignored when build.

Hi Kumaresanp

How did you exclude vendor.js and polyfills.js. Can u give your exclude section here


Are you able to exclude file?
I tried below section but does not work

        <file regex="\.(vendor|polyfills)$" />

        <file regex="\.(vendor.js|polyfills.js)$" />

@kumaresanp Hi Kumerasn, I want to remove the vendor.js and polyfills.js from obfuscation. Am using Azure devops pipeline to build the app. Please share how did you remove the vendor.js and polyfills.js


Hey @kumaresanp,
I’m using ionic-voricles-obfuscate plugin, as expected all my files are encrypted bt still i’m getting an error.
Can u please help me?