Ionic not update app version

Hello! I has app v 1.0.2 (100028) based on ionic beta 11 in Google Play Store.
Early I migrated my app to ionic rc0, changed version in config.xml to 1.1 and now I try to upload new build to Google Play. It says me 'APK number version must be greater 100028."

In AndroidManifest.xml:

android:versionCode="10100" android:versionName="1.1"

What I doing wrong? I already update my app two times with no errors before migration to rc0.

Change 10100 to 101000 or 101000

I write new value in AndroidManifest but ionic auto change versionCode back to 10100 on build process.

check this:

It works. But why this broke in latest ionic?

i guess it’s not Ionic related.

but I think it’s something in ionic environment bcs on ionic beta 11 all works

I am curious to know the cause too, I had the same problem but before RC0. Did you upgrade cordova client with RC0?

Did you use Crosswalk before by any chance?

“Crosswalk” related, it seems logical, since crosswalk adds a number to “versioncode”

From memory, I did not use crosswalk when I met the problem. (But I could be wrong)

Yeah since crosswalk automatically ups the version by a factor 10. If you then would remove crosswalk or stop using it, the versioncode becomes ‘normal’ again. If you already uploaded a crosswalk to the PlayStore, your current version number is simply too low. It’s one scenario that could be happening at least :slight_smile:

I did only steps from Copying your Project to a New Project (

npm uninstall -g ionic 
npm install -g ionic
ionic start --v2 myApp

Nope, I don’t used Crosswalk in this project.

You said you used to do up version 1.1, but what was it before that? Since I would expect a version number with three digits, f.i. 1.1.1

I used Crosswalk early in other project. Uploading new version with Crosswalk or without it don’t give me any similar problems.

My app was 1.0.2 version. I try with next versions and no one works:

Okay, but Crosswalk is bound to a project, so if you used it in another project it shouldn’t be an issue now. It’s logical that the playstore doesn’t accept a version that’s lower then the one you’re trying to upload. The playstore expects a version higher then 100028, since the apk you’ve uploaded before was on that version. You should rather ask yourself the question how you’ve uploaded an apk with such a high version number, since that’s definitely an upped version number. Just up the version number with a zero and your build will pass (i.e. versionnumber: 10.1.1). I now that’s ugly, but that should supersede the current version in the playstore 100028.

I used and deleted Crosswalk several month ago and already uploaded new versions of others apps and this app to Play Store. All has been broken only after upgrade to ionic rc0. Someone has this issue too? Manual edit codeVersion is not normal.

Ionic isn’t breaking anything here. The build process yes, because it doesn’t obey the crosswalk versioning anymore. I suppose there used to be a reference to the crosswalk in your build settings, but since upgrading to RC0 this probably isn’t the case anymore. That’s why the builds are failing.

Can u help me repair this build process?