Ionic Native Write to File

I’ve been searching, and I don’t see an API for reading and writing to the file system with Ionic Native. Does Ionic Native have a filesystem API? If not, what is the best way to go about writing to the filesystem? Thanks!

There is the File & File Transfer plugins in Cordova. But I don’t know the status of the Ionic Native wrappers for them. They are considered part of the ‘core’ plugins, so they will be included at some point.

At the moment, Ionic-Native does not have a wrapper for the file & file transfer plugin at this moment. But you can still use the raw cordova plugins if this is something that you wanted to do.

Is this still the case?
If it is in Native now, is there a quick example of how to save a file from something like Node sendFile?

Thanks for that but how does one implement the writeFile from a resource sent from node sendFile?