Ionic 2 : Native File not implement FileWriter

Hello, i want write a file with Ionic 2 App.
I use this class :

I can create a file, but how i can write his content? File has not method to write.

 File.createFile(targetPath, 'file.txt', true).then((data) => {  ... },
                    (data) => ... );
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Looking at the source code it seems that the writeFile() method is not implemented yet, so you’ll have to wait until it’s implemented or you could send a PR.

I have an ionic-native fork with an alternate implementation of the file plugin which includes writing. If you try it out, please do let me know if it worked.

Thanks for your replies. I will wait the official implementation.

@rapropos how can we use it in our project ? Thanks !

Any news with the implementation ?

It seems that writeFile() is already implemented, so you can use it after updating to the latest version of ionic-native.