Ionic native Review - Review-Gating - Is that legal?

I have a question about the topic “acquiring ratings”. I hope with your expertise, that some of you can give me an accurate answer. I have read that in some of Googles policies, “review-gating” is not allowed.

This specific policy is for Google Maps. Under the section: Text reviews and Captions:

The policy says the following:
”Don’t discourage or prohibit negative reviews or selectively solicit positive reviews from customers.”

It seems like everybody does this on the Google Play and App Store for their mobile apps.
In general, the apps are asking the users the following: Are you enjoying the app? Yes, no.

If they answer no, they will be sent to a private feedback form. If they answer yes, they will be asked to rate the app on the official store. I guess this is pretty much “review-gating”.

There are also other variations like making an “in app star selector”. Players can rate between 1-5 stars. All under 5 stars lead to the private feedback. 5 stars sends the user to the official store, just like the first example.

This is the policy for User Ratings, Reviews and Installs on Google Play:

This policy doesn’t say anything about review-gating.
Does any of you know if this is legal or not?
Best regards