Ionic Native Media not compatible with Google API 33

Hey guys,

I have an app developped a few years ago under ionic 3.20 and using “@ionic-native/media”: “^4.9.2” native plugin.

Since last september, Google requires to upgrade apps to be compatible with API 33 at least.

I could manage this compatibility except the “@ionic-native/media” plugin which does not work anymore on Android mobiles. I can not read any file, it crashes the app when I try to start a play.

Is there anyway to stay on ionic 3.20 (please I can’t upgrade to ionic 5 or 7 otherwise I will have to recode all the app) and have a version of “@ionic-native/media” compatible with Googe API 33.

Thank you very much for your help !

You can use capacitor: GitHub - capacitor-community/media: Capacitor plugin to activate extra media features

@ionic-native has also been replaced with awesome-cordova-plugins. See A New Chapter for @ionic-native - Ionic Blog.

Looking at the media repo, it seems to be maintained, so I would try switching over to awesome-cordova-plugins and go from there.

Of course, a Capacitor specific plugin is going to be a better bet long-term so I would also try the plugin @Hills90210 mentioned.