Ionic Native in Ionic v1 Apps

I am having problems adding Ionic Native plugins to my app.

Steps I took:

Installed Cordova
Installed Ionic
Created a brand new Ionic v1 app
Added Android and iOS as platforms (which for some reason did NOT add anything to packages.json, though it did update config.xml)
Installed Ionic Native (both through NPM and Bower, since NPM did not create the lib js files for some reason, but bower did)
Added the Ionic Native script reference to my index.html
Added ionic.native as my module dependency
Added the toast plugin from Ionic Native through the CLI (which for some reason did NOT add anything to my config.xml)
Added $cordovaToast to my controller dependency

But when I run ionic serve, angular throws a fit because it thinks $cordovaToast is an unkown provider…

The Ionic Native documentation has nothing for v1 apps, please help. As a side note, I kept an very close eye on the CLI during all these steps, and it never told me anything failed.

This is completely blocking my project and I desperate need some help from someone that is using Ionic Native in a v1 project.

did you solve this?? im having the same problem, the thing is, bower install ionic native v2.0 and npm install v.2.9