How do I get ionic deep links to work with Angular 1?

App I’ve been developing for 2 years is using Angular 1. Migrating to Angular 2 is not an option right now.

I’m aware from reading the documentation for that the plugin can work with Angular 1. However even after successfully installing the plugin and adding $cordovaDeeplinks to the parameters of, the app does not run because of Uncaught Error: [$injector:unpr] Unknown provider: $cordovaDeeplinksProvider <- $cordovaDeeplinks.

According to this ticket, the app needs ionic-native installed. Ok, that’s fine. As per the ionic-native readme, I need to install v 2.x from here. I did exactly that by running npm install ionic-native --save as directed.

Installing ionic-native modified package.json as expected, ionic-native has been added to dependencies. However the app will still not run, same error.

According to the issue report thread I linked above, I need to include ionic-native in the scripts loaded in index.html. Problem with that is I can’t locate this script anywhere in my codebase. It’s like the ionic-native install modified package.json and did literally nothing else. It is completely absent from my lib directory.

How do I fix this?

update: I ended up putting ionic-native.min.js into my lib folder manually and adding it to index.html, but the error is still not fixed

Have you found a solution about this?