Ionic Native GooglePlus Login: Invalid parameter for redirect uri: Invalid Scheme

I am using Ionic2/Cordova to log into an app using Google.

I try the following, based on ionic-native GooglePlus and this demo:

  loginGoogleCordova(): void {
      'webClientId': '',
      'offline': true
    }).then(googleData => {
      if (!firebase.auth().currentUser) {
          .then((success: FirebaseAuthState) => {
            this.doAlert("signInWithCredential successful " + JSON.stringify(success));
            this.signIn(success, AuthProviders.Google);
          .catch((gplusErr) => {
            console.error('GooglePlus failed ' + gplusErr);
            this.doAlert("GooglePlus failed " + JSON.stringify(gplusErr))
    }, error => {
      console.error('loginGoogle: ' + error);
      this.doAlert('loginGoogle: ' + error.message);

Which looks like it makes progress, because it now accesses the Google api. But I get the following:

Invalid parameter for redirect uri: Invalid Scheme:

enter image description here

But when I check my Web client ID in the Firebase Authentication -> Sign-in Method, this is the Web client ID.

enter image description here

Also, when I installed the plugin, I ran:

$ ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-googleplus --variable

As you can see, it is also in the Xcode’s plist file:

enter image description here


I did notice that when looking at my Google APIs, that the CLIENT ID is created for Web client:

enter image description here

I that the problem? Should I create one CLIENT ID for iOS and another for Android? Then have if statements:

if iOS
  use iOS client id
if Android
  use Android Client id

But as you can see from [here][5], it uses: 'webClientId': 'USE-YOURS-HERE!!!!!'

As a result, I am a little confused, and any advise would be appreciated.

Experiencing same issues, have you had a chance to find the fix for it?

created issue for googleplus plugin developers, just copied your question because I have less data, please find it here:

If you don’t like it I’ll remove your text from the question.

I fin the following works for me (you need to add scopes):

            'webClientId': webClientId,
            'offline': true,
            'scopes': ''
        }).then(googleData => {


Note: I needed to change the scope from to plus.login

Also, for OAuth 2.0 client IDs, for iOS I set up an iOS Credential, but for Android, I set up a Web Application Credential (doesn’t make sense to me, but works).


Cli in Main Project, Cli in the Tag -> info > URL TYPES, add the REVERSED_CLIENT_ID <google.service.plist>



add the REVERSED_CLIENT_ID from google.service.plist