Ionic Native Firebase iOS not working after update

(Slightly modified cross posting from as I did not yet get an answer there, maybe somebody here has an idea)


I’m using the cordova-plugin-firebase plugin with the Ionic Native wrapper for it. I have a working app version online using cordova-plugin-firebase@^0.1.24.

After I updated several libraries (including ionic, ionic native and cordova) I had to recreate the iOS platform. I also updated to cordova-plugin-firebase@1.0.4 during that time. No changes of my own code.

Now, the app will not correctly start due to an exception thrown when I call

	.then(() => this.firebase.hasPermission)
	.then((success) => {
		if (success) {
			console.debug("Sucessfully got push notification permission");
		} else {
			console.debug("Failed to get push notification permission", success);
	.catch((e) => {
		console.error("Error when trying to get permission for Firebase: " + e, e);

It results in the catch() block while e is NULL.
I cannot find anything obvious in the devices system logs. Debugging shows that the cordova callback for firebase call is called with successful=false but without message.

Android works well (ok I don’t call grantPermission there :wink: )

I have no idea what could cause this now. Do you have any ideas?
It seems to work on emulator - not on device.
Also, downgrade to 0.1.25 brings the same issue :frowning: I’m running out of ideas. The profile/certficate has Push enabled, the app capabilities for push are also enabled…

Any help appreciated!

Still looking for a solution. Did anybody encounter the same issue?

Hi Rasioc,

Did you manage to resolve this issue?


$ sudo npm update -g ionic cordova
$ npm outdated
$ npm update
$ rm -rf www
$ ionic serve -c

If an error appear after a simple test like $ ionic serve -c, check if angularfire2 is installed yet, then install it again ( $ npm install angularfire2 ).

if (‘cordova’)) {
if (typeof window.FirebasePlugin !== ‘undefined’) {
if (!window.FirebasePlugin.hasPermission()) {