Ionic Native Date Picker Android issue


I am using a DatePicker Ionic Native plugin.

I use two different selects, one to select a date, and another to select
the time. Both work fine on iOS but with Android I have two problems.

  1. On Date Picker there is no bounds so that the old dates cannot be selected, even though I do pass that in controller.

       date: this.dateChosen,
       mode: 'date',
       maxDate: this.maxDay,
       allowOldDates: false        }).then(
       date => {
         this.dateChosen = m(date);
       err => alert('Error occurred while getting date: ' + err)

I used moment.js for date/time generation, so this.dateChose = moment();
It is not the source of the problem, same for and this.maxDay

I tried using javascript’s Date() but it did not change anything, on Android I could still select whichever date I wanted

  1. More important problem is that Time Picker does not work on Android at ALL

       date: this.timeChosen,
       mode: 'time',
       is24Hour: true,
       minuteInterval: 15,
       allowOldDates: false        }).then(
       date => {
         this.timeChosen = m(date);
       err => alert('Error occurred while getting date: ' + err)

On iOS I have no problem and it works just fine, but on Android it goes to err state with err message being For input string "2017-07-10T13:10.24.213Z".
I changed the input to pass it int of unix time but it just changed the err message. Anyone knows what to do??


Any updates on it? I am facing problem regarding this.


I am also facing same problem. any one resolve this issue.