Date picker not working with ionic.bundle.js

I am trying to use below plugin in my ionic project don’t work

When I reference angularjs and remove ionic bundle it start working. Kindly can somebody help me to solve it.

Hope somebody will reply with solution.

Any error messages in the debug-console?

No Error in Console.

I created plunker as below

which is working but when I change angular to ionic bundle than it will stop working. Kindly somebody help me

There are something wrong with the event-listeners i think.

use chrome
use ionic.bundle.min.js of beta14
emulate a mobile device and everything works

Maybe this will also work in the app later.

i forked and created a little improved module from ngquickdate

easy to customize
define own date-function
add own translations

it is not a beauty but works mobile and non-mobile.

will work only date, I am not interested in time, Next thing it only work with 1.2.x and our ionic is 1.3.6

It also works with newer angular versions (not updated the readme) and you can deactivate timepicker…

Try it before complaining ;).
It is only an alternative.

Thanx it is working with new version but is there any way that we can define max and min date

you can define your own date-filter function

and additional to that your can set on-change function :wink:

Thanks it was right direction

 $scope.onlyWeekdays = function(d) {
        return ((d >= $scope.Today) && (d <= $scope.Year));

It sets the max and min date. It will stop showing date. If possible more documentation. Like It will show disable dates but in different color and not clickable and if we can hide next and previous button.

Thank you very much for your help and replying me.

Hi @milindsaraswala, I have created both time picker and date picker for ionic frame works.
No additional dependencies like jQuery is not required. Hope this might help you. Please have a look at the below links.

ionic-timepicker demo

ionic-timepicker Bower component

ionic-datepicker demo

ionic-datepicker Bower component