Ionic Native : Authentication with MS ADAL

I’m trying to useMS ADAL in my app to authenticate users with Office365, but I really don’t understand what to do…
Is there any tutorial out there ?

Thank you

I have also trouble to use MS ADAL did you find any solution for this. Did you worked success please share me your code.Any help greatly appreciated.

Hello @muthu2696, you can just copy the code of the documentation and replace with your own credentials. I didn’t find an other solution than to use Azure Graph

You have to create a new application and then get the ID etc.

Can you provide your code so we can see what is not working ? Thank you

Hello ferdinandferdinandfe,

Refered website,

Iam using ionic 3 iam installed following things,

ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-ms-adal
npm install --save @ionic-native/ms-adal


import { MSAdal } from '@ionic-native/ms-adal';

 providers: [   

app.component.ts file,

import { MSAdal, AuthenticationContext, AuthenticationResult } from '@ionic-native/ms-adal';

  constructor(platform: Platform, statusBar: StatusBar, splashScreen: SplashScreen,     private msAdal: MSAdal
  ) {
    platform.ready().then(() => {

      let authContext: AuthenticationContext = this.msAdal.createAuthenticationContext('');

      authContext.acquireTokenAsync('', '2c3c3de8-e5b1-4bc9-8fb3-d2ca421bb9cb', 'http://localhost:8080/')
        .then((authResponse: AuthenticationResult) => {
          console.log('Token is', authResponse.accessToken);
          console.log('Token will expire on', authResponse.expiresOn);
        .catch((e: any)=> {
          console.log('Authentication failed', e);   

Here i am modified sample client Id. But when i am running i am used actual client id.I am always facing error like this,

Hello muthu,

Actually you should use it like this.

If you wish to use it like you show on your example, add userId: string = '' and add it at the end of

authContext.acquireTokenAsync('', '2c3c3de8-e5b1-4bc9-8fb3-d2ca421bb9cb', 'http://localhost:8080/')

Tell me if it helps

Ok thanks for your reply i try once and let me know.

I tried it’s shown error like this,

any help and idea about this?. I am facing this error last one week for this.

I’ve seen this and it is related to the acquireTokenAsync call parameters. It doesn’t accept undefined parameters, it must be null or an empty string - Surprise! :slight_smile: Double check the params for acquireTokenAsync and make sure you provide null or empty string for the optional parameters.