Azure AD authentication

Hello, I’m looking for a tutorial on how to enable Azure Active Directory authentication for my ionic app but I don’t find something that I understand. I’ve tried


Can somebody help me :confused:

Thank you !

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+1 i am looking for a solution of the same issue.

Any news so far?

Same here. I will give it a go today and if mine works I’ll let you guys know. Alternatively I am thinking of using Auth0

I’ve managed to figure it out. So the MSADAL only works on emulator or device meaning that it won’t work in a browser. Second thing that you need to know is that when you create an app in Azure AD you need to make sure that the app is selected as Native.

I might write a blog post on how to set it up. (first thing I need to do is to create a blog)


Would like to read that.

Excuse my writing :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m using MS adal plugin in a Ionic3 project and its working well and I’m receiving all the authenticate data from AD. The only problem is, I’m NOT getting the “onpremisessamaccountname”.

We are receiving the “onpremisessamaccountname” from postman but not in the application.