Azure AD authentication


Hello, I’m looking for a tutorial on how to enable Azure Active Directory authentication for my ionic app but I don’t find something that I understand. I’ve tried


Can somebody help me :confused:

Thank you !


+1 i am looking for a solution of the same issue.

Any news so far?


Same here. I will give it a go today and if mine works I’ll let you guys know. Alternatively I am thinking of using Auth0


I’ve managed to figure it out. So the MSADAL only works on emulator or device meaning that it won’t work in a browser. Second thing that you need to know is that when you create an app in Azure AD you need to make sure that the app is selected as Native.

I might write a blog post on how to set it up. (first thing I need to do is to create a blog)


Would like to read that.


Excuse my writing :slightly_smiling_face: