Ionic Native 4, Ionic CLI 3.5 (with plugins) and app-scripts 2.0.1 is out!


Tadaa, hot of the presses:

See release notes here:

New major version of course means breaking changes:


  • safari-view-controller: show method now returns an Observable
  • media: the plugin’s create method no longer takes callback functions. You must use the
  • observables provided by the MediaObject instance. Refer to the updated documentation for more
  • admob-pro: @ionic-native/admob is now @ionic-native/admob-pro. Also, class name is changed
    from AdMob to AdMobPro.
  • media: MediaObject class is now Media
  • File Transfer: Package name is now @ionic-native/file-transfer. Transfer class has been
    renamed to FileTransfer. Also, TransferObject class has been renamed to FileTransferObject.
  • Google Maps:: the plugin wrapper now only supports v2 of the plugin. Make sure to check the docs for instructions on updating to cordova-plugin-googlemaps v2


Seems to be release day again today:

CLI 3.5 with plugins:

app-scripts 2.0.1:


Any quick tips (or links) on how to upgrade both globally and in a local project that is using an older version? I just switched to Ionic2 and have a stable dev env - want to upgrade right :slight_smile:. The last time I tried to upgrade app scripts (to 2.0) globally, I kept getting permission errors on OS X (even after doing sudo) and finally got it working by removing -g. npm output intimidates the bazooks out of me.


Install nvm or nvm-windows, then you can install and uninstall node versions as you wish and though one away if you broke it. Then upgrade to npm 5.1.x or even 5.2 (improves the output so much) and try your best. If stuff breaks, undo and try again :wink: (Anf of course read the changelogs and follow breaking changes)


the ionic cli github repo changelog isn’t updated


Create an issue there so this gets noticed.

(The individual changelogs actually have some content - so if you follow the links here you can learn about the changes: - but the curated list is missing)